Posters are a great way to promote events and any other type of advertising. Also perfect for Artist or Photographers who want to sell prints. These posters offer a silky, smooth and elegant finish. Sold in 100 sets. The Design is a 60.00 charge the remaining charge is based on quantity, printing, materials and shipping cost. If you have a print that simply needs to be print instead of designed, please reach out for a seperate quote. 


Description: 100lb Matte finish, 12x18 inches, 18x24 inches, 19x27 inches



Custom design and print-Posters

  • Place your order and include any relevant notes, your logo, and describe what type of design you would like your custom product to reflect. Ex: Style, color, theme. Once we receive your order, you will be contacted by phone to verify the design. Once the product has been designed we will send the design by email for final approval.